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Minimum investment is $10.

Investment principal is included in the total profit.

privold fund objective and suitability


The main objective of the Privold fund is to combine two important missions: to accelerate and expand the development of energy production using renewable sources and to create all the necessary conditions for investors to obtain stable profits. We invest in a diversified portfolio of projects dedicated to solar energy. These projects are located in countries with emerging markets and are supervised by technocratic communities. This allows investors to combine three important goals into a single whole: to invest in solar energy, make good profits, and have a positive environmental and social impact.


The Privold fund is partnering with the Sun Exchange, a South African solar rental system. This collaboration makes it easier to monitor and deploy projects. Why did we choose Sun Exchange? Because it is the first platform in the world to implement a peer-to-peer micro-leasing marketplace for solar panels and energy. If you are an investor who seeks to implement socially responsible projects, the Privold fund will help you in this endeavor and provide access to emerging markets.


social and environmentally conscious product


The Privold fund was created to ensure that investors receive a stable profit in the long term while participating in the worldwide strategy to spread and produce eco-friendly energy. Our multilevel affiliate program allows you to receive passive income by referring new investors. We have 3 levels. On level 1: you receives 3% of the deposit amount that your affiliate has invested. On level 2: you receives 2% of the deposit amount that your affiliate has invested. On level 3: you receives 1% of the deposit amount that your affiliate has invested.


zero fees & diversification advantages


The Privold fund run up zero fees for the management and execution of projects. Consolidating investments allows the Privold fund to increase purchasing power. These fees are covered through a small percentage rebate on the initial wholesale purchase of equipment for each new solar energy project. This makes it possible not to change the planned return for the investor. Funding is distributed across several projects. For each project, separate commercial, geographical, and revenue profiles are involved. Thus, the Privold fund creates a fine level of protection against the risk of losses.


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The investment calculator is designed to show how investing your money in Privold fund could help you to achieve your goal. Average interest rate for calculation: 2.88%. Investment period: 90 calendar days. Enter the deposit amount starting at $10 and up to $10,000 to calculate:


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